A modern, dynamic electric scooter used widely usable. Tourism and recreation, business, industry, service, are just some of the possibilities.

Mobi-2 is the latest ingenious idea that will revolutionize the transport industry. An electrically charged vehicle, the Mobi-2 combines the features of a motorcycle and a scooter to give you an innovative machine that is good for your health as well as your transportation. The driver moves the vehicle standing up, allowing you to maneuver it over almost any surface and through the narrowest of roads. With it's easy to use a mechanism; you don't have to worry about finding parking space, petrol or gas. Gets the scooter moving with a simple push and it will take you wherever you want to go in an easy, affordable, and cheap on the pocket and safe manner.

money sever

Traversing 100 km costs only £0.20

25km/h or 45km/h max speed

perfect for city trafic

50 km range

On a single charge can cover more than 50 km

time sever

It allows you to quickly overcome the distance

no emission

It is 100% safe for the environment

is safe

ideal for everyone

Mobi-2 Gallery

download Mobi-2 app and track your activities

mobile app will show you: your speed, battery range, millage

front and back LED lights

back light is also as a stop light, front also as a night light

USB charger

charge your devices on the way, plug your mobile phone while you riding


We are happy to announce, first Mobi-2 UK rent network will be open soon.

Walking around in an unknown place can be disconcerting and exhausting, especially if you are visiting for the first time. And that is why we are here to help you eliminate the hassle of walking everywhere to see the sights. The Mobi-2 is a fast and cheap way for you to roam around the city, and the best part is, you don’t even have to buy it.Need a transport mechanism to get you to work on time? Look no further, the Mobi-2 You can only rent the electrical scooter off of us, whenever and for however long you need. Get yourself an affordable, comfortable and safe way of transportation, which can be used to get you from one place to another, all the while monitoring your health and keeping you safe. Contact us now to get your very own Mobi-2 on loan.


Why become our business partner

If you are looking for an opportunity to start a transport business, you have the perfect one. With its multiple benefits and the ease of use it provides, the Mobi-2 is the future face of personal transportation, and we are looking for business partners. Cheaper to purchase and run than motorized vehicles, the electrical scooter costs almost nothing during its long run. Perfectly safe for its users and the environment, it can cover 50 kilometers on one single charge, and has a speed optimum for city traffic. Open up a rental shop, or a showroom to sell the Mobi-2, you have a substantial investment either way. In investing yourself into this machine, you will have an opportunity to grow and expand your franchise, as well as benefiting from the profit that is sure to come your way when the product sales hike. So don't hold out on an excellent business opportunity, and invest in the Mobi-2 today.

Hire Mobi-2 permanently in your company

The Mobi-2 isn’t just for the transportation of people. It can fulfill many other purposes, and chances are, could improve your business with a cheap alternative to your current source. Suitable for cargo handling and moving around heavy objects, the Mobi-2 is adaptable to any use you want to put it to. The scooter can travel almost 50 km on one charge, making it feasible to transport cargo and large parts to and from warehouses. A bonus is that the cost of using Mobi-2 as a cargo transport is almost next to nothing. With its easy handling and light weight, it can be utilized by even the most amateur of beginners. So save yourself some money, and invest in your Mobi-2 scooters to spruce up your business.

Examples for which industries mobi-2 can be used
Factories and manufacturing plants <> Large warehouses <> Shopping centers <>Shipping centers <>Railway stations <>Cargo terminals <>Golf Courses <>Museums <>Resorts <>Ports <>Parks



Track your health. Go out. Take Mobi-2.

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